Digital Foundry has published a new video that sorted out all the problems with the performance of the PC version of Elden Ring


The performance of the PC version of Elden Ring is really bad, as confirmed by Digital Foundry, who were disappointed with the work done by FromSoftware on this platform.

Basically, the video confirms all the issues already flagged by the negative reviews on Steam. So, we have unbearable stuttering and stuttering in open areas with noticeable framerate drops in situations where more fluidity is needed (boss fights in the first place).

Stuttering is present almost every time a new resource is loaded, starting with those related to the movements of the protagonist, which is completely unbearable, especially since it happens even on systems with a large amount of graphics memory (for example, on systems with a GeForce 3070 or 3080).

Digital Foundry also tested the game, lowering the details to the minimum and set the resolution to 720p, but this did not help: the stuttering remained in place, which indicates that the problem is beyond the individual graphics settings. In short, we have a poorly done job before us, probably due to the Japanese lack of experience in optimizing PCs.

Another issue is the framerate being locked at 60fps, something that PC players especially hate, but it’s the lesser of two evils.

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