Digital Foundry released a sneak peak of Elden Ring performance after update 1.02


Industry Technicians from Digital Foundry published performance overview Elden Ring after update 1.02.

First impressions of Digital Foundry are not the most positive. Even after patch 1.02, Elden Ring’s performance on consoles is still inconsistent, even on the new generation. In that sense, they point out that on the Xbox Series X the game continues to run at between 45 and 60 fps, which is very variable in performance mode, as is the case with the PlayStation 5. For its part, the quality mode offers a variable range from 30 up to 60 frames per second.

Digital Foundry highlights the inability to lock in framerates at 30fps in quality mode, which would at least provide stability. Finally, it is re-emphasized that the PlayStation 5 version, although unstable, runs at a somewhat higher frame rate than the Xbox Series X version. So, and due to Digital Foundry’s lack of a chance to delve into this new update, it seems that Elden Ring still has frame rate issues, which is very important for this type of video game that requires concentration and precision in their actions from the player.

According to DF, there are currently issues that will affect any PC, regardless of configuration. The reason for this is the fact that the game uses DirectX12, which can be a headache for gamers if not properly optimized.

The most serious situation is the occasional stutter that the game presents on PC when new effects, enemies or locations appear on the screen. The frequency of this decreases when the player encounters enemies or places they have seen before. Another more frequent stutter seems to be related to the game loading new areas. As you traverse terrain, moving from one area to another, chances are that the framerate will drop suddenly, going from a peak of 60fps to something in the 30-40fps range within a few seconds.

Since this is something that gets in the way and is very annoying, and can even kill your character depending on when the problem occurs, negatively impacting the experience, DF recommends that players wait a few more updates before playing Elden Ring on PC.

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