Dominance winter event has started in Warface

Together with the update on Steam, the Epic Games Store and VK Play, team PvP mode, a throwing Tomahawk, a new weapon series and much more became available to players.

The Headhunting team mode returns to Warface as part of the Shoulder to Shoulder season. Players will have to join forces on the way to victory, because the team whose members accumulate and save as many tokens as possible, which fall from defeated opponents, will win by the end of the match. It is important not only to hunt for enemy tokens, but also to protect allies, as the movements of the players with the highest score will be visible to the other team. Battles will take place in a 6×6 format on Demolition mode maps – Complex, Gas Station, and Bridges 2037.

By participating in Bounty Hunt battles, players will be able to earn in-game currency and exchange it in a special event store for new items: the Arctic weapon series, Agent Taishan and Valkyrie skins for doctors, as well as sets of polar uniforms for each class .

The main novelty of the update was the throwing Tomahawk, which allows you to eliminate the enemy with one precise hit. The new device equips in a frag grenade slot and supports the installation of mods. Players will also be able to pick up the Tomahawk after being thrown, regardless of whether they hit the target or not.

Additionally, players will be able to complete themed contracts. The Supremacy event will last until February 15th.

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