Dragon’s Dogma is 10 years old

Ten years ago on May 22, Capcom released Dragon’s Dogma on PS3. It was a dark fantasy action RPG that didn’t get much praise at the time, until years later it established itself as something of a cult classic.

Indeed, her initial launch in 2012 was a little subdued. It came out after Skyrim, and those looking for another Bethesda blockbuster-style open-world epic have come across an unorthodox role-playing game from the creator of Devil May Cry.

With its strange characters, often fuzzy quests, and, shall we say, nuanced storytelling, Dragon’s Dogma wasn’t your popular fantasy escapade. She took heavy cues from the likes of Berserk, reveling in surprisingly twisted plot points and the presence of nightmarish creatures.

But in its unique pawn system and excellent combat mechanics, Dragon’s Dogma has found its own identity. It is still one of the best action role playing games on the market, full of unforgettable encounters and enemy designs. A typical Capcom masterclass in this regard.

Luckily, Dragon’s Dogma got a well-deserved second chance in 2017 when it got a PS4 remaster alongside the fantastic Dark Arisen expansion. The re-release introduced a whole new audience to the realm of Gransis, and Dragon’s Dogma was given new life thanks to the magic of the internet, where it quickly became something of a meme-making machine thanks to its surprisingly weird tone. Its status as a modern classic has finally been strengthened.

So now we’re here in 2022 and we’re still waiting for Dragon’s Dogma 2. A sequel hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s widely believed that it will. Dragon’s Dogma 2 was part of an infamous Nvidia leak that has proven to be pretty accurate so far. Let’s hope Capcom is still developing the game.

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