Dying Light 2 expansion will be big and “unexpected”


Developers from Techland promised five years of support Dying Light 2 free and paid content, but we don’t yet know what form larger content releases will take. It seems safe to expect something as big as the expansion. The Following for the first part, but beyond that, the developers want to exceed the expectations of the players.

The Dying Light 2 add-on will have “scale similar to that of the expansion for the first game,” lead designer Tymon Smektala told us in an interview with GDC.

“You can certainly expect the game to take you to new environments with its new challenges. And I think you – maybe it’s a silly phrase – you can expect the unexpected. This is what we want to do with post-launch support. We want to surprise people. We want to create an emotional expectation for our players. The plan is to not make the content too formulaic. The idea is that every new content should surprise you, should be fresh, should be new, because we believe that this is a way to engage players.”

Smektala continues:

“There’s actually quite a lot of speculation online about what’s coming next, what we’re going to release, what the DLC will be. No one guessed what we were going to do.”

The first major story DLC for Dying Light 2 is due out in June, with at least one more major story expansion planned for the future.

“We’ll see how things go,” Smektala says. “But for now, the idea is to surprise players and give them content that they don’t expect, but that also works within the Dying Light 2 formula.”

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