Dying Light 2 fans are furious at the last minute Denuvo addition. Techland clarified


Dying Light 2 will use the controversial DRM system Denuvo Anti-Tamper. The information was quietly revealed in yesterday’s Steam update, and while the Steam store page now clearly states that it is present, fans are outraged at the last minute news of such information.

“Dying Light 2 Stay Human has been in development for seven years,” tells players on the Steam forums a Techland representative. “During this time, more than one and a half thousand people have invested their time and talent in creating the game. To protect the efforts of the entire team from piracy, which we suffered when we released Dying Light 1, we included the Denuvo system, at least for the launch period. Currently, this solution is widely used for AAA games.

“As gamers ourselves, we understand your concerns and want to make sure this doesn’t affect your gaming experience. We continue to invest additional resources in testing the game and at this stage we do not see a noticeable impact on performance. We will actively study feedback during the launch of the game. Feel free to share yours with us.”

Denuvo – or at least poor implementation of it – has been linked to poor performance in games like Resident Evil Village, although not every game that uses the technology suffers from such issues.

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