Dying Light 2 has a hidden bike and hoverboard that you can ride


What Dying Light 2 lacks in storytelling, it more than makes up for in fast-paced first-person action. The open-world post-apocalyptic zombie action lets you travel around the city with parkour, a grappling hook, and even a paraglider, but it looks like there could have been other means of transportation that came along at a later stage: a simple bike and a hoverboard.

User Taki 7o7 shared his discovery in the video below, but it looks like they were found using the developer menu. The Velik appears to be fully functional in-game, but as far as is known, it cannot be acquired in the normal way. It’s not clear why Techland cut it, but I’m guessing it went against the game’s inherent verticality too much. On the other hand, special races could be implemented in the game. Maybe in DLC?

Shortly after the bike, the Taki 707 revealed the existence of the hoverboard. Judging by the video, this is most likely not a fully realized skateboard. In principle, such things should not be surprising – during the development of any game there are things that are later abandoned, but the outlines of which remain in the game build.

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