Dying Light 2 has a hidden Star Wars blueprint that lets you choke enemies


Techland didn’t just fill the open world of Dying Light 2 with zombies, bandits and parkour puzzles. The world also has plenty of hidden blueprints, secret areas, and Easter eggs, and players have been busy digging for them since the game launched a week ago.

And there’s another one in the game nesting doll of secrets. There’s another secret inside Doom’s secret level, only it’s a Star Wars secret: weapon blueprint Dying Forcewhich gives us the ability to forcibly choke our enemies.

How to get secret weapon Dying Force:

Craft Dying Force is expensive: 369 scrap metal. But once you equip it, Aiden can unleash all of the Sith on his enemies (or even any friendly Survivors or Peacekeepers he encounters on random rooftops).

Force Choke effect doesn’t last long – Aiden is clearly not Darth Vader – but a few seconds of choking a dude while he’s dangling in the air is enough to give you a couple of free swings with your favorite electrified axe.

After 16 uses, Dying Force will break and then you will have to create another one.

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