Dying Light 2 Stay Human Released

The highly anticipated open-world zombie action game Dying Light 2 has officially arrived on PC. The continuation of Dying Light, filled with beautiful parkour, has already been evaluated by gaming publications, streamers, but given the scale of the game and the number of activities in the open world, much remains to be explored.

The game has to travel through a huge open world, which has already become accustomed to life surrounded by the infected. The main character will have to go in search of his sister and try to contain the beast inside himself. Infection has ceased to be such a big problem, because the virus that turns people into monsters is activated only in places without access to sunlight.

As in any self-respecting post-apocalypse, in the world of Dying Light 2 there are warring factions, to help or hinder which the player is free to choose.

You can join the ranks of the brave pilgrims not only by purchasing the game on digital platforms, but also in the MVideo chain of stores, on a special promo page project.

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