Dying Light 2 suffers from sudden crashes on PC, but a workaround has already been found


PC gamers are facing a very annoying issue with Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Users massively complain about sudden and unreasonable crashes of the game. According to reports from players, Dying Light 2 launches a black window and after 2-3 seconds the game closes completely. The network has already found a solution to this problem.

Temporary fix suggested the developers themselves from the Techland studio. If you’re experiencing crashes in Dying Light 2, they suggest launching the game with the /nolightfx option. To do this, right-click on Dying Light 2 -> Properties and add “/nolightfx” to the game’s launch options.

The authors reported that they are already studying the problem with the crash and promise to fix it in the next patch. Judging by the comments of the players, the temporary solution helped to save many from crashes, but some still cannot enter the game.

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