Dying Light 2’s latest trailer highlights the new parkour challenges coming March 17th


IN Dying Light 2 Stay Human The City has a new “Flying Scorpion” parkour challenge, calling on all pilgrims to showcase their parkour skills throughout the Central Loop. Techland announced that this Thursday, March 17, four amazing new challenges will appear in the game.

  1. Suspension of Disbelief – This challenge will test your wall running skills in the heart of the Central Loop
  2. Grakour – This challenge in Old Villedore will test all of your core skills, so don’t make any mistakes or you’ll say goodbye to the gold medal.
  3. River walks. Ready to get wet?
  4. My Whole World is a Glider – Fly high above the chemical zones and try not to fall.

Techland has also produced a new At The Fish Eye series that will focus on post-launch Dying Light 2 Stay Human action, developer life, and entertainment right in the City. In the first episode, several Techland developers will face off against each other in four challenges to earn a prize and the title of Techland’s first Night Runner.

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