EA Increases Battlefield 4 Server Power After Player Surge

With the release of Battlefield 2042, it seems like a decent amount of players have returned to Battlefield 4 in 2013. In response, EA is launching a few additional servers just to serve the growing population of the eight-year-old game.

In a post on the EA Answers page, EA Community Manager addressed the need for more Battlefield 4 servers, stating, “We’ve watched your experience and noticed queuing times have increased. Good news, we have increased the capacity of the servers – you can expect to play less and more. “

It looks like EA has plans in case these issues continue to grow. “We will continue to track the waiting time in the queue and make additional changes if necessary,” continued the community manager.

Unsurprisingly, Battlefield 4 has seen a resurgence given how much of that game has been channeled into Battlefield 2042. Aside from the modern setting for the upcoming game, its showcase trailer even included a jet stunt from Battlefield 3 that has captured old fans of the franchise’s game.

Part of the Battlefield 4 resurgence can be traced to a recent deal with Prime Gaming where Amazon Prime members were able to request a free copy of the game for Origin. The giveaway version of the game did not include five DLC expansions.

This is the second time this year that an EA-owned game has skyrocketed in popularity years after its first release. Titanfall 2 has grown its player base significantly this April, surpassing the number of concurrent players since the summer of 2020, when it originally appeared on Steam. In the case of Titanfall 2, the boost was due to the launch of the ninth season of Apex Legends, which directly mentions Titanfall and its history.

Battlefield fans can return to Battlefield 4 prior to the launch of the Battlefield 2042 beta test. The technical playtest for the game will launch in July, although the details of this will be under a nondisclosure agreement, so unless you play it or someone violates that agreement you probably won’t hear about it.

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