Elden Ring continues the longest running joke in the Souls series – Unattached Patchwork


Elden Ring has continued a longstanding joke from the developers at FromSoftware by once again including a character that Souls fans love to hate.

At the Elden Ring starting location in Limgrave, players can find a familiar character under the new name “Unattached Patchwork” who has been playing pranks on players throughout the Souls series.

This time, Patchwitch can be found in the Darkwater Catacombs. If you want to find it, you need to follow the river to the north and watch the entrance to the dungeon. Once again, he can be a valuable ally with his collection of merchandise on sale (you might want to inspect his inventory before heading to Stormvale Castle), but naturally he will inconvenience you before offering you any help.

This is the sixth incarnation of Patchwork. Each time his name was slightly different:

  1. Demon’s Souls – Patchwork Hyena;
  2. Dark Souls – Faithful Patchwork;
  3. Dark Souls 2 – There is a character in the style of Patchwork named Good-natured Pate;
  4. Dark Souls 3 – Unbreakable Patch;
  5. Bloodborne – Patchwork Spider.

How to find Patchwork:

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