Elden Ring fans choose the monsters they hate the most


The official Elden Ring community on Reddit would have created a popular poll: “What is your most hated monster in this game?”. The key feature of the game is its complexity due to strong non-sparing monsters. Any weakest opponent will kill you if you take your eyes off the action for a second.

The 10 highest rated answers were selected, with comments justifying the choice and an attached image of each monster:

1st place – All types of dogs and rats

These rodent creatures are not very dangerous alone, but they often form groups, making them a significant threat to the player. Dogs are aggressive and agile. They will chase their prey for long distances. Dangerous alone, but even more dangerous in packs.

2nd place – Lobsters

I killed the dragon and then drove up a bit and started fighting a lobster and died so fast it was funny, I mean I just killed a damn dragon lol. This game is so weird in that regard. I just killed a monstrous king, took almost no damage. And then I get caught off guard by a pack of dogs and some random archer shoots me in the back and I die.

3rd place – Birds infected with rot, near the Mogvin Palace

When they headbutt and start thrashing about. This attack lasts so long and has such a cleave that I feel like you need to get out of the fight completely which is not easy in this area.

4th place – Most archers. Especially in the river Siofra

God, I hate those glowing rams and their shitty arrows that never miss. I can handle the damage, but they scare the hell out of me every time I get hit by a glowing longbow arrow.

5th place – Corrupted Tree Spirit

Especially when they’re in small spaces like in Stormvale. Be prepared to fight them in small areas. There are those that I ignore because the areas are annoying and small. Their attacks seem hard to distinguish at first.

6th place – Night cavalry

This is a group of bosses in Elden Ring. The Night’s Cavalry are imposing figures of knights mounted on dark horses, armed with large flails and halberds.

7th place – Kindred of Rot

It is a creature that resembles a large, over-developed shrimp, with what appear to be human arms dangling from its shell. Heat-seeking missiles will catch up at any point in the location.

8th place – Royal Ghost

The wraith is extremely aggressive and fast, using its poisonous attacks to weaken its prey. They have an attack that you can’t dodge if you wait too long and you can’t block.

9th place – Jade Goblin

I fucking hate them. I’ve learned to deal with trolls, golems, and even crabs, but those imp statue bastards always destroy me. They are like mice or bedbugs – if you see one, you know there are 10 of them in the walls.

10th place – Runic Bears

I fight these bastards no less than any main boss in this game. Even more like this: they are the main boss, and the rest of the bosses just sit and hide from the runic bears in their small cells. There is nothing worse than when he hits you with a jerk and then another one when you get up.


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