Elden Ring found a cut mechanic that allows you to collect dreams from sleeping animals


Well-known insider and dataminer Lance McDonald continues to analyze the old network test Elden Ring on the PS4 Pro, trying to uncover development backstory and cut content. His search turned out to be fruitful, as he managed to discover something very interesting.

The modder, with the help of another user named Sekiro Dubi, discovered that there was originally a mechanic that allowed the player to collect dreams from sleeping animals. This was made possible by a certain item called “Saint Trina’s Crystal Ball” provided by an NPC named Riko. Users could use it to collect “Dreamfogs” from sleeping animals throughout the game world, including wolves and bears. Dreams collected by creatures could be traded for alcohol, which in turn could be used to induce NPCs to reveal secrets.

During development, FromSoftware apparently found this mechanic redundant or inappropriate for the game’s economy, so they eventually decided to remove it.

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