Elden Ring hacker wants developers to end his killing spree


Elden Ring has been hacked. Perhaps this is not surprising, given that soul games often had a lot of problems with this. But this is no ordinary hack. No, Elden Ring is just the latest FromSoft game targeted by an infamous soul hacker with a particular penchant for invading player worlds and softbanging them.

If you’re familiar with Dark Souls hacker Malcolm Reynolds, you can probably guess what’s going on. For the uninitiated, Reynolds is a longtime FromSoft game hacker who created a lot of problems for Dark Souls 3 and Dark Souls Remastered players a few years ago. In both cases, he modified the game’s code to softban people by giving them invalid items and status effects. Well, he pulls off the same antics in Elden Ring, invading people’s worlds and giving them things before killing them.

Reynolds uploaded YouTube video, showing his latest hack. First the mouse cursor ticks a box marked “Hardscoping Tutorial”, then another box marked “This bans them” with a small smiley face next to it. After that, the video cuts into a quick sequence of him invading the players’ worlds and completely devastating them with a massive beam of fire from his hand, along with several other devastating spells. Every spell he used, such as fire ray, is heavily modified. Reynolds shed some light on how he makes the lives of other players in Interearth hell, and how he justifies it all.

Reynolds said that the exploit he used, this “Hardscoping Tutorial”, is actually a debugging element called pavel that was used by the developers during testing and is still in the game’s code, but is not present in the game itself. He introduces this into the player’s inventory through various modified spells. Once the player dies and returns to their world, Elden Ring will register this pavel as an invalid item, which the game interprets as evidence that the player is a cheater, which in turn leads to a softban, after which the affected player can only play online with other cheaters.

Reynolds said the game’s Easy Anti-Cheat system can be used.

How you manage to bypass mild anti-cheat is another matter. There’s basically a mask over the anti-cheat. As long as this mask is there, the game [только] it matters “who it is” and “what it does”, but as soon as you remove this mask from the anti-cheat, the game doesn’t care who it is.

This is how he was able to softban people by bypassing the Easy Anti-Cheat system and hacking Elden Ring. Ruining people’s game – as if the game itself isn’t doing enough of it. Complaints about Reynolds’ actions in Elden Ring have not yet begun to surface, but it may only be a matter of time since his name appears frequently in the Dark Souls and Elden Ring subreddits.

What can you do? According to a popular April 2016 Reddit post, the best course of action is to either disconnect or merge yourself, not at the hands of Reynolds, to avoid a softban. However, it should be noted that frequent shutdowns can also lead to a softban.

Surprisingly, Reynolds wants to get caught hacking the Elden Ring. He said that Bandai Namco and FromSoftware should use this as a lesson in introducing better anti-cheat software that will prevent hackers from using game code.

I am a necessary evil. You may ask if the capture is part of the plan, and yes, it is. If I do this, will the game die? I don’t think so, but maybe Bandai will fix it. Time to get mobile.

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