Elden Ring learned the full height of the largest tree in the game


Surely, many players during the passage of Elden Ring wondered about the size of the Tree of Erd, which is perfectly visible from anywhere in the open world. Now there is a very precise answer to this question. As it turned out, the size of the tree significantly exceeds even the tallest building in the history of mankind and is comparable to Everest.

A detailed study of the tree was carried out by a dataman under the nickname ZullieTheWitch. As the user found out, the model of this object has really huge dimensions. The total height of the Tree of Erd is exactly 5048 meters, from its base to its highest point.

If the game object existed in reality, it would be higher than Everest, with a direct comparison of the height from the foot to the top of the mountain (about 3550 m).

Elden Ring is available on PC and consoles.

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