Elden Ring player compiled an accurate flowchart of all NPC quests and how they interact with each other


Compared to other FromSoftware games, Elden Ring is significantly more beginner friendly. With a wealth of in-game content available almost immediately after launch, players can navigate the world with greater ease and efficiency. This is in contrast to previous FromSoftware games, however the structure of some of the game’s missions can be quite challenging for new players. There are plenty of hidden quests in Elden Ring that most newcomers will likely never encounter simply because of how confusing the structure of the game can be at times.

Reddit user MikedeKokkie published a huge flowchart detailing almost every side quest in Elden Ring and how they relate to the rest of the game. The user has even created a helpful color key that shows other users how to navigate the flowchart efficiently and indicates which quests will unlock different endings.

For new players, this should prove extremely beneficial given the esoteric nature of Elden Ring’s content. In addition to a large amount of in-game content, there are many items and events in the game that deliberately harm players. There are even items that players should not purchase from vendors in Elden Ring.

It’s nice to see how experienced players help newcomers to Elden Ring. While FromSoftware fans tend to enjoy the high difficulty of games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and their communities often take a rather harsh attitude towards those with little experience, that attitude doesn’t show up in Elden Ring.

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