Elden Ring player escaped invasion by pretending to be an NPC


Incursions are one element of the Dark Souls and Elden Ring franchise that has proven to be a bane for some players. They are one aspect of Elden Ring’s multiplayer elements that allow one player to enter another’s world with the goal of killing them. This can lead to embarrassing moments for the player being invaded, as an invasion can happen at any time. Also, an invasion cannot simply be ignored if it has already happened.

However, one of the Elden Ring players chose to end the invasion without a death duel, leading the invader to believe he was just another NPC in the game. Reddit user xdc_lis disguised himself as a normal enemy in the “Church of Elleh” game zone, then charged at an NPC and killed him. The player then went along the mob’s patrol route, walking around like a regular NPC would. The video can be viewed by this link.

The intruder quickly looked around for the player and ran past his target several times. The red phantom then ran further, continuing the search, but eventually returned to its world, and the player received the “Summoning Finger Potion”, which is usually given for defeating the invader. Many players have wondered how xdc_lis managed to get away undetected even though the player’s name only appears when the invader locks onto the player. Compared to the epic duels that take place during the Elden Ring invasions, this cutscene takes a rather pacifist route.

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