Elden Ring player received 86 million runes as a reward for a successful invasion


According to a post on Reddit, one Elden Ring player earned 86 million runes as a reward for killing another player. User Fixo2 shares a screenshot and talks about how he killed another player by breaking into his virtual realm, and for his efforts he received about 86 million runes. By the way, he needed less than 40,000 runes to level up.

When it came time to choose how to spend all 86 million runes, the player was clearly at a loss, which is understandable. In the comments section of the original article, several readers suggested that some of the runes be laundered through Patchwork, which can be called upon to carry out not-so-pleasant business transactions.

What did the Elden Ring player in question actually do? He decided to buy all the available forge stones to upgrade weapons and keep the remaining runes in his pocket while waiting for NG+ to activate in this game. In the meantime, he decided to start the game again with a new character, since there was no longer a need to look for runes and further passage was simply meaningless. This is perhaps a bit of an extreme decision, especially considering that he had a level 80 character, which means he was definitely not in the early stages of the game.

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