Elden Ring Player Reveals What Happens If Godric Is Defeated Before Phase 2


Elden Ring has captivated players since its release last month, becoming FromSoftware’s biggest release ever, with peak concurrent players on Steam more than double all previous games combined. Now that players have had a chance to try out the latest soul game, many have discovered some fun secrets.

In video games, even open world games, there is usually an order to complete missions and boss fights. This means that if players manage to complete things in the wrong order, or become much stronger than intended at a given stage in the game, it’s easy to break the game, which can lead to some interesting results.

One of the most memorable boss fights in Elden Ring is against Godric the Hundred Hands. During the battle, a cutscene is triggered in which Godric cuts off his own arm before ripping off the dragon’s head to use as a flamethrower in the second part of the fight. However, the user Reddit u/LunarGuardian was able to break the sequence of the game and show a screenshot of the dragon’s head still attached at the end of the boss fight.

I defeated Godric before phase 2 started, so the dragon’s head didn’t disappear.

A few seconds before the cutscene starts, in which Godric cuts off his hand, players can still damage the boss. A Reddit user explained in a comment that if Godric is stunned while the animation is playing when he stabs himself, it will cancel the animation and the phase 2 cutscene will never play, making the fight easier as Godric won’t use the dragon as a flamethrower and will allow the player to continue dealing damage by killing Godric ending the fight during the first phase.

The dragon’s head, still attached, has nothing to do with the rest of the playthrough, but such a sequence break could help improve speedrunning time as it saves a few vital seconds, so it will be interesting to see if any other similar boss fights can be broken. in Elden Ring.

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