Elden Ring player shared a mechanic that pits enemies against each other


There are many little-known tricks in Elden Ring that can make the tough fights in the Interearth much easier. For example, if you’re having a hard time fighting Erdtree’s watchdogs, there’s a way to make the fight easy.

H4RBiNG3R posted a video to the Elden Ring subreddit showing how the boss can be easily defeated with a simple consumable. H4RBiNG3R’s cutscene shows the player throwing a crystal dart at Erdtree’s Burial Watchdog, causing it to go berserk and start attacking its teammate instead of the player.

Then there is an epic battle and the player has no choice but to sit and watch what is happening. When the fight ends, the victorious Watchdog only has a quarter of its health remaining, allowing it to be dealt with fairly quickly. This tactic also works against other stone enemies, but H4RBiNG3R notes that it is ineffective against the Crystalians.

This left many fans wondering if the crystal dart would work against the Valiant Gargoyle, but unfortunately, judging by the comments, it doesn’t.

To try out this tactic on yourself, you’ll need a supply of crystal darts. They can be crafted after obtaining the Nomad Warrior Cookbook. You will need three Cracked Crystals, which can be collected in the Crystal Tunnels or bought from the Twin Maiden Shells in the Round Table Hold.

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