Elden Ring players have found a PvP build that instantly kills the opponent with no chance to save


The Elden Ring community continues to identify various flaws in the balance of the new game from FromSoftware. Recently, they managed to discover a PvP build that guarantees you victory in an online battle and can completely paralyze another player’s character. The worst thing is that it does not require cheats or other third-party programs.

To implement the build, which is called “Deathblight”, the player must acquire only two powerful items: the Eclipse Shotel weapon and the Fire’s Deadly Sin spell. The weapon’s special attack places a debuff on the character that accumulates and instantly kills. If you use it in tandem with a spell, you can achieve a permanent AoE effect, which does not even leave a chance to escape from such an attack.

If you combine these two items correctly, you can also achieve a moral victory over opponents. Using such a build, you can block another player in a special animation and force him to leave the game, because it is almost impossible to interrupt it.

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