Elden Ring: PS5, Xbox Series, and PC Graphics and Performance Comparison Video with Patch 1.02


ElAnalistaDeBits has published a new video dedicated to Elden Ringwhich compares the graphics and performance of versions for PS5, Xbox Series X, Series S And PC with patch applied 1.02.

To complete the picture, the YouTuber states that his configuration includes an RTX 3080 and 32 GB and ran the game at 2160p. Here are the resolution and frame rate details for the console versions:


  • 2160p 30fps
  • 1620p 60fps

Series S

  • 1440p at 30 fps
  • 1080p at 60fps

Series X

  • 2160p 30fps
  • 1620p 60fps

The results of the Elden Ring analysis by AnalistaDeBits are largely in line with the results of the Digital Foundry analysis discussed yesterday. Also, in his opinion, the PS5 version in performance mode boasts an overall higher frame rate than the Xbox Series X, which, however, has VRR on its side, and he would also prefer the ability to lock the frame rate at 30 frames in second with the Quality mode setting, which otherwise fluctuates between 30 and 60 fps. Performance modes for consoles would also benefit from lowering the resolution to 1440p in favor of more stable frame rates, according to ElAnalistaDeBits.

Like Digital Foundry, the YouTuber has also noticed framerate issues on PC when changing areas or during battles.

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