Elden Ring victim had to delete save files with over 200 hours of progress


Back in January, FromSoftware games, specifically Dark Souls 3, were threatened by an extremely dangerous hacking method that could be used to gain access to players’ computers. Not only was hacking a problem for previous games, it also affected Elden Ring.

This led FromSoftware to seek the help of Easy Anti-Cheat by incorporating the system into the game to prevent hackers from accessing online play. While this seems to have worked, as there have been no reports of this particular hack since the launch of the game, hackers still manage to interfere with the game. One such case is a banned/hacked/cheating item that hackers slip into players, for which the victims get banned.

A recent event resulted in a soft ban on a user Reddit Ok-Communication7125 with the prospect of a hard ban. It so happened that he picked up an item that was thrown to him by another player; this is a multiplayer feature that is usually used to level up beginners or get useful equipment. However, Bandai Namco Entertainment unexpectedly suspended Ok-Communication7125’s account.

He had to choose between removing 220 hours of progress or receiving a hard ban for six months. He decided to delete all his game files, which is certainly sad, but probably the right move in the face of a six-month ban.

However, the fact that this was Bandai Namco Entertainment’s response to a player using an online feature they created is worrying. The commentators told Ok-Communication7125 that they never take items from other players, fearing this scenario. However, the affected player should not be held responsible for this.

In past FromSoftware games, item trading has been a rewarding community activity designed to help lower level players. However, the threat of being banned by a hacker is a backlash that threatens to destroy player cooperation and encourage hackers to continue manipulating the game.

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