Elden Ring was praised by the press in the first reviews


Elden Ring promises to be one of FromSoftware’s biggest games yet, and it looks like the Japanese studio will live up to expectations. The first previews of the game appeared on the network, and the reviews about it are very positive.

Most of the journalists in charge of the previews spared no regard for Hidetaka Miyazaki’s new production. VG247, for example, stated that the game evokes “the feeling of [Zelda] Breath of The Wild” – GOTY of 2017 and one of the biggest open world benchmarks – and that it could be “the greatest of all time”.

This makes me nervous, I could be wrong, but like this: [От [” Elden Ring”] I have a feeling like [Zelda] Breath of the Wild. Possibly the greatest game of all time, the game of a generation. That rare case where everyone will talk about it for a long time, which will cause a resonance in the industry. She is huge.

Eurogamer spent about six hours in Elden Ring, even using the character creation function, but remained at a loss as to whether this was the final version of the game. The text praised various aspects such as classes, an open world with “dangers lurking everywhere”, and the freedom to enjoy everything as you see fit.

Yes, there are difficulties and challenges here, but there is also the promise that you can and will overcome them on your own. Liberty. Great and terrible freedom. We played Elden Ring for six hours and found it to be From Software’s best game.

RPG Site was another source of praise for Elden Ring, noting how FromSoftware combined quantity and quality in one project: “Perhaps this is the rare game that manages to achieve such a feat.”

Is six hours enough to really master Elden Ring? Absolutely not. However, 6 hours is enough to already understand that Elden Ring is a formidable test. We can say that quality is more important than quantity, but… why can’t we get both? Elden Ring may be the rare game that succeeds.

Finally, IGN also posted a video of their experience praising how the adventure encourages players to explore – which, by the way, will be very well rewarded for doing so.

Elden Ring releases February 25 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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