Elden Ring will have easter eggs and a poison swamp because Miyazaki ‘can’t help himself’


Less than a month before the expected release of his new RPG Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed many details about Elden Ring. After discussing bosses inspired by George R.R. Martin, the developer focused on the easter eggs and some of the areas we’ll be visiting in the Interearth.

For many years FromSoftware always loved adding easter eggs related to the company’s previous games. A prime example of this is the Greatsword of Moonlight, a weapon that has made its way since King’s Field v Dark Souls 3.

In addition to this, there will be plenty of other surprises that die-hard FromSoftware fans are sure to be on the hunt for, including the sword Stormlord, already present in Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls 3, and the evil Patchwork, a character also present in Demon’s Souls and the Dark Trilogy. souls.

“This time I can say yes with confidence. Elden Ring is a game that includes a huge sense of scope and content. And so I felt I had the right to add these things. So yes, you will find them if you research hard enough.”

Speaking of familiar elements, there will obviously be the classic poison swamp that Dark Souls fans have suffered so much throughout the trilogy. Miyazaki even admitted that he had a particular taste for Elden Ring and that he rediscovered a certain passion in creating a certain hostile environment.

“While developing the game, I rediscovered my love for creating poison swamps. I know what people think, but you know, all of a sudden I realize that I’m going to do one thing and I just can’t help myself. It just happens. In terms of Elden Ring’s story and setting, there is something particularly horrifying that exists and persists in this world. I’ll even name the area: Scarlet Rot. It contains something other than poison or toxicity, but I hope you can’t wait to find out.”

Elden Ring releases on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 25th.

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