Embark Studios is currently working on three projects


Embark Studios was founded by industry veterans Magnus Nordin, Rob Runesson, Stefan Strandberg, Patrick Söderlund, Jenny Huldschiner and Johan Andersson. Announced at The Game Awards in December 2021, ARC Raiders is a shareware co-op shooter coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in 2022. ARC Raiders will use machine learning AI on an open world map with a day/night cycle.

Embark Studios’ second game, codenamed Discovery, could be called “The Finals”. The EUIPO, USPTO, and JPO have several trademarks filed under this name that were filed around the same time that trademarks for ARC Raiders were filed. The Finals will be a free team-based first-person shooter. The launch window is set for 2023, Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney announced last week in Nexon’s annual shareholder letter.

One of them is Embark’s second game, codenamed Discovery, which we plan to release within 12 months of the release of ARC Raiders.

However, that’s not all. Embark Studios is also currently working on a third project, which will be a creative platform game, as announced in Nexon’s Q3 2021 earnings report. This creative platform game will allow players to create their own virtual world to play, remix and share with other players. The technology behind ARC Raiders and The Finals will also be implemented in this creative platform game.

At the moment, there are few details about these three projects that the company is working on. However, in the coming year there is every chance to get more information about all three of these projects from Embark Studios. The company plans to “launch multiple virtual worlds in the next 12 to 18 months,” so it looks like we’ll find out soon.

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