Emotional adventure game Ghost on the Shore is now available in Russian


The developers of Ghost on the Shore have announced that Russian subtitles are now available for the game, which was originally released at the end of February this year.

Ghost on the Shore is a first person adventure game. In it, you have to play as a girl named Riley, who accidentally finds herself on the mysterious islands as a result of a storm. Joining your adventure is Josh, a ghost whose voice is suddenly heard by Riley as soon as she sets foot on the coast.

The game has a branching narrative and various endings. You have to plunge into an interesting story and atmospheric setting, making emotional choices and living through their consequences.

A game about spiritual bonds that do not know death. A stubborn ghost draws Riley on an adventure on wondrous shores to unravel the island’s tragic secret. Dialogue choices create a bond between them that ultimately decides Riley’s fate.

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