Endless Space 2 for Steam give away for free

Endless Space 2 is free to play on Steam. This is a beautifully crafted 4X space strategy game developed by Amplitude Studios. It’s easy to get: just sign up for the Company of Heroes mailing list and link your Steam account to get the game in your library.

The registration page is located here. True, it is not clear whether this will work for Russian users.

Of course, the payment for this is the news about the Company of Heroes series in your mailbox, but I think this is not such a big price.

The classic “one more move” formula is taken to new heights in Endless Space 2. Explore mysterious star systems, uncover the secrets of ancient races, build colonies, use trade routes, learn technologies of unimaginable power and, of course, new forms of life. Try to understand them, befriend them or conquer them.

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