Enthusiast created an exact copy of “Kalash” from Metro Exodus


Ivan Vershinin, a resident of Yekaterinburg and a big fan of the STALKER games, has created an exact replica of the Kalash from Metro Exodus. The enthusiast got a surprisingly very realistic model of the weapon, although it was created from ordinary PVC plastic.

Vershinin took as the basis of his creation the standard version of the AK-103, which was often found in all parts of the Metro shooter. He cut the necessary parts from 3mm PVC plastic according to a ready-made template. Further, glue and other devices were used, which made it possible to create a realistic look of the weapon and gave it a post-apocalyptic design.

Already on the finished model of the weapon, the author added several body kits with which the Kalash almost perfectly repeats its game prototype.

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