Enthusiast showed what Alien: Isolation sequel could look like on Unreal Engine 5

Since its debut, the xenomorph’s macabre adventure has hit multiple platforms, culminating last year with the release of the mobile version of Alien: Isolation.

Since then, unfortunately, there has been no news regarding the possible appearance of a sequel, even despite numerous rumors about the beginning of the development of Alien: Isolation 2. While waiting for an answer to the question of whether the deadly alien creature will return to the game world, there are already those who are trying imagine a sequel to Unreal Engine 5.

One of them is renowned content creator Enfant Terrible, the end result you can see right below is a concept for the new Alien: Isolation done with the latest iteration of Epic Games’ graphics engine. The fan-made trailer is certainly spectacular, disturbing at the right moment and full of tension. With clearly advanced graphics, this fictional Alien: Isolation 2 will easily attract the interest of fans of the genre who are still waiting for the continuation of the horror-filled space epic.

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