Enthusiast turned Fallout 4 into Metro Exodus and Escape from Tarkov


A foreign fan of first-person shooters has just now got to projects from Ukrainian and Russian studios. User LK was so impressed with Metro Exodus and Escape from Tarkov that he decided to bring the main aspects of these games to Fallout 4. With the help of modifications, he turned the post-apocalyptic RPG from Bethesda Softworks into an atmospheric and extremely realistic shooter.

Fallout 4 in Metro Exodus:

The enthusiast spent a huge amount of time on the implementation of his ideas. Fallout 4 has over 100 mods installed that change almost every aspect of the game. Despite the fact that the user took already created modifications, he needed to manually configure them and combine them with each other. Most of LK’s efforts went into changing the lighting in the original game to bring it closer to the darker Escape from Tarkov and Metro Exodus.

Fallout 4 in Escape from Tarkov:

LK didn’t mix key elements from two different games in Fallout 4, instead focusing on separate mod builds. To make the project from Bethesda Softworks look like Metro Exodus, he added a compass to the main character’s hand, new lighting and weapons to the game. To recreate the gameplay from Escape from Tarkov, he focused on animations, sounds, and shooting effects.

The redesigned Fallout 4 delivers only signature visual style, which is far inferior to the graphic performance of Metro Exodus and Escape from Tarkov.

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