Enthusiasts completely stripped the main female characters in the Final Fantasy 7 remake and released textures for them in 4K


The modding community has only recently managed to strip the main female characters in the Final Fantasy 7 remake on PC. It took about three months to parse all the textures and adapt to the game engine, which is unusually long for such mods. Now Tifa, Aeris and Jessie can show off their new 4K body models.

As noted by enthusiasts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, two serious problems were found at once that prevented the creation of such modifications. The game implemented a version of the Unreal Engine 4, which is not quite familiar to many, which at first did not allow replacing textures in the game at all. The modders managed to get around this problem, but they faced another problem – the new models could not be adapted to the original animations of the game.

After several months of parsing all the intricacies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC, almost all problems have been fixed or ways have been found to work around them. First of all, nude mods for the main characters were released for the game, which, among other things, add 4K body textures.

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