Enthusiasts installed the Epic Games Store on the Steam Deck console


The user interface of the Steam Deck console is incredibly simple and convenient – you enter the credentials of your Steam account, and you can easily play the available games. But besides Steam, there are other sites, such as the Epic Games Store, which regularly distributes games for free. And now, thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts, this store is also available on the Steam Deck console.

The method of installing and launching a third-party online store is based on a specific feature of SteamOS. The operating system is based on the Linux kernel, which, thanks to Lutris using Wine to create a compatibility environment with the Windows version of Steam, allows you to run installed games and some applications (such as the Mozilla browser installed on the console).

By going to the Steam Deck browser, you can download the installer for the Windows version of the Epic Games Store, which can be added to your Steam library via the “Add a non-Steam game to my library” function by specifying the path to the downloaded installer. Naturally, you need to remember to set the forced compatibility of the program with Steam Play. All that remains is to add an icon to launch the Epic Games store (which, surprisingly, is very difficult). A detailed video tutorial illustrating the process is below (it starts from the console desktop, which can be accessed by holding the power button and selecting the appropriate settings item).

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