Epic Games Store update brings new achievements menu to users


After initial launch last November epic games provides all its users with Epic Games Store access to the entire menu of achievements.

From today users Epic Games Store will be able to find the “My Achievements” section in the drop-down menu, which can be opened by clicking on their profile picture. This area acts as the hub for all of the user’s achievements and friends in Epic Games Store.

By clicking on a friend’s name, users will also be able to see their achievements and vice versa. The page immediately shows how many achievements have been unlocked, how many platinum and how much XP someone has. Of course, anyone who doesn’t want other people to see their achievements can change their privacy settings to restrict access to that information.

Rolling out a menu for such achievements is another step towards parity epic co Steam. While achievements are an important part of any platform, just a few months ago epic added one of the most important features Epic Games Store: shopping cart.

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