Experts called the “most secure” OS for PC

Google Project Zero experts conducted a study to determine which operating system is the most secure in terms of protection against hacking. From the results of the study published by them, it follows that the most secure OS is not Windows or iOS at all, but Linux.

It is worth noting that the leadership of Linux is not at all explained by manufacturability and increased fault tolerance. In this regard, the Windows and macOS software platforms are much more advanced than Linux. The fact is that the vulnerabilities found in the Linux source code are eliminated much faster. The average turnaround time for Linux users to resolve problems is currently 25 days. However, it continues to decrease.

For comparison, problems found in macOS are fixed by engineers at the North American Apple Corporation in an average of 69 days. IT-specialists of the search giant Google do it in 44 days. Mozilla web browser developers spend an average of 46 days fixing bugs. In the case of the Windows software platform, the troubleshooting time can be up to three months. Bugs in mobile software platforms are fixed faster by Apple engineers. Google specialists spend more time on this.

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