Exploration of hidden roads in a future update 1.44

While trucking should mostly be about getting great results and getting the job done right, the size of the maps in our games tends to make you want to explore every corner of every available area. And in the upcoming update 1.44, this aspect of the game will receive a very important change!

The most observant of you may know that during your journey you may occasionally stumble upon a passage that is not shown on the map and that leads to something…interesting. After that, as soon as you leave the area, the unmarked passage will still not be visible on the map. However, it will be slightly different in the future!

With update 1.44 we are adding a new feature to ATS and ETS2; as soon as you enter an unmarked road, you will be notified by a message in the route advisor, and the learned road will be shown on the map as an orange dotted line, and any unexplored section ahead will be shown in gray. On the one hand, this ensures that you will immediately know that you have found something interesting, and on the other hand, if you ever decide to revisit the hidden zone, you will know where to go.

Well, it looks like once a new update is available, it will be the perfect time to wake up your inner explorer and always be on the lookout for any fishy twists that could lead to something unique. Once you get your hands on our games with this new feature, be sure to let us know on social media or on the forum what you found interesting!

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