Fallout 76 is free to download until June 16

Xbox Free Play days continue with three fresh Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass titles available to download and play this weekend at no additional cost. While this past week has focused on everything Warhammer-related, you will be able to test out Fallout 76, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Football Manager 2021 and pick them up at a pretty big discount if you like them until Sunday June 13th. As an added bonus – and perhaps because Microsoft knows you’re all just too busy keeping an eye on all of our E3 coverage this weekend to give it all our attention – Xbox is increasing the amount of time players can try out. Fallout 76 until Wednesday, June 16.

Both Fallout 76 and Ark: Survival Evolved offer players unique opportunities for both single and multiplayer play. In Fallout 76, players can build bases and explore wastelands with up to three other players, leveling up their character in a truly role-playing manner as the game progresses.

In Ark: Survival Evolved, you take on the role of a survivor on a mysterious island who must hunt, craft, and build a self-sufficient home to survive. Oh, and you can also raise dinosaurs and ride them.

Finally, in the management simulation game Football Manager 2021, “you can take your favorite club to the top or lead your country to glory in an international tournament that you will no doubt be watching this summer.”

Each of these games can be downloaded through Xbox Free Play Days or by going to the Subscriptions tab in the Xbox Store on your console.

Xbox Free Play Days (June 10-13):

Fallout 76 (extended until June 16)

Standard Edition – $ 14 (40 $)

Ark: Survival Evolved

Standard Edition – $ 10 ($ 50)

Ultimate Survivor Edition – $ 54 (60 $)

Football Manager 2021

Standard Edition – $ 20

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