Famous video game voice actor Troy Baker ended his partnership with NFT and asked for forgiveness


Renowned video game voice actor Troy Baker has decided to end his partnership with VoiceVerse NFT after overwhelming backlash against his support for the company. Baker said earlier this month that he was partnering with Voiceverse NFT, which is creating “unique voices” for the metaverse using AI and other utilities that can then be used in any game.

Baker initially stated that the partnership would “explore ways in which together we can provide new tools to new creators to create new things and enable everyone to own and invest in the IP they create.”

Presumably anticipating the backlash the news might cause, he also said, “We each have our own story. You can hate or you can create.”

But on Monday, more than two weeks after his initial statement drew criticism online, Baker said he had decided to end his partnership with VoiceVerse NFT and also apologized to fans for his comments.

Thank you all for your feedback and patience. After careful consideration, I have decided not to continue with VoiceVerseNFT. Intentions aside, I heard you and I apologize for accusing someone of “hating” just for not agreeing with me.

Several well-known gaming companies have recently begun selling digital goods as NFTs, including Ubisoft, Konami, and Atari, although this has drawn criticism from some due to the format’s large carbon footprint and what many see as a cynical implementation.

Last week, a Ubisoft executive said the company is continuing plans to bring NFTs to its games, claiming players simply “don’t get it.”

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