Fans are trending Dino Crisis on Twitter

The other day, Capcom introduced Street Fighter 6, but contrary to expectations, Dino Crisis became the company’s most discussed game on Twitter – apparently, fans were hoping for a remake announcement.

The first game in the Dino Crisis series was released back in 1999, following the wildly successful launch of the Resident Evil franchise. Dino Crisis also serves as a survival horror genre, but instead of zombies, there are hordes of dinosaurs, which, as a result of sinister military experiments, were moved to the modern world as a result of sinister military experiments.

Since the release of the mediocre Dino Crisis 3 in 2003, fans have been begging Capcom to make a new game in the series. Now, it looks like a crowd of gamers disappointed with the announcement of Street Fighter 6 have poured into Twitter, thereby pushing the series into trends. 19 years of inactivity on the part of the developers was clearly not enough to shake the loyalty of the fans.

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