Fans of the anime “Attack on Titan” and the series “Breaking Bad” staged a real war on IMDb


Suddenly, a real war broke out between fans of anime and series, which led to a strong decrease rating of the best episode from Breaking Bad. It’s all because of the latest episode of the anime series “Attack on Titan” called “Two Brothers”, which in just four days scored an extremely high rating on IMDb and could become the highest rated episode of the entire service.

This title has been successfully held by the episode “Ozymandias” from Breaking Bad for a long time. The sudden popularity of the anime did not please the fans of the crime show and they purposefully went down the rating of their competitor. The “Two Brothers” series in a short period of time received a lot of reviews with a rating of one. Anime fans did not stand aside and responded in kind by starting to downgrade “Ozymandias”.

Due to the fan war, the best episode of “Breaking Bad” dropped to ninth place from the first place, and the rating of “Two Brothers” fell to 156 from the second place. After all the permutations, Attack on Titan was still the winner. First two places hold back two episodes from the anime: “Hero” and “Perfect Game”.

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