Fantastic platformer The Darkest Tales is already on sale

The game was released on PC, Xbox and Nintendo, and will later appear on the PlayStation.

At the center of the events of The Darkest Tales is a grouchy and sometimes rather cynical Teddy bear with a kind heart and a keen sense of justice. In order to save his mistress Alicia, he will go on a journey through fairy tales distorted by nightmares.

Players are waiting for a meeting with characters familiar from childhood, who will appear in a new guise. Little Red Riding Hood is now a menace to wolves that won’t miss a chance to hunt even a plush knight. Pinocchio, Jack from the beanstalk, the Little Mermaid and others – they all turned into bloodthirsty monsters.

The Darkest Tales is available now on Steam, 101XP Store, GOG, Epic Games Store, Stove, and the Xbox and Nintendo Switch digital stores. The game will also be coming soon to PlayStation 4 and 5.

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