Far Cry 6 Danny Trejo Mission Removed In Patch Due To Early Release

Ubisoft Releases Second Update For Far Cry 6 On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S. The same update for PC, Stadia and Luna is slated for release soon.

This new patch has a significant change: it removes the Dani & Danny vs Everybody mission featuring actor Danny Trejo. Ubisoft stated that the mission was accidentally released too early and that the final version will be released in the near future. Post-release content for Far Cry 6 this month should be an Insanity Vaas DLC expansion, with Danny Trejo’s mission scheduled for December.

In Dani & Danny vs Everybody, players will receive a call from Juan asking Dani to meet up with his friend Danny Trejo to help him.

There are also several other notable changes in the update, such as a new special operation: Los Tres Santos, which will be available on November 9, as well as some quality of life changes. The title sequence is now skippable, like the other cutscenes, and the Moneda tutorial is added after completing the first rebel movement in the game.

In related news, Ubisoft also seems to send you an email if you’re not playing Far Cry 6 enough. Hopefully there will be enough post-launch content to get players involved again!

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