Far Cry 6’s story-driven campaign will be playable in online co-op mode

Ubisoft announced that the upcoming open-world shooter campaign can be played in online co-op mode.

In response to a Reddit appeal, Game Director Alexandre Letendre confirmed that Far Cry 6 will include an online co-op mode similar to Far Cry 5, where players can invite their friends to wreak havoc in the game’s world.

“Yes, Far Cry 6 will be fully playable in FC5 co-op mode,” Letendre said. “Tell your friends Far Cry is a lot of fun.”

In Far Cry 5, players can access the game’s multiplayer features by leaving Dutch Island. Once this requirement is met, players simply need to open the game menu, select Online, click Invite Friends, and then select from their friends list. As soon as the other player accepts the request, the co-op game begins and the players can enjoy the chaos in the world of Far Cry together.

Far Cry 6 recently hit the headlines for its politics of confusion. Production director Navid Khavari shared a statement clarifying the ideas behind Far Cry 6, saying the story of the revolution “has to be” political. Khavari also said that gender selection for the protagonist was “important” to Ubisoft, further highlighting just how political the game’s storyline can be.

Far Cry 6 Coming October 7 For Luna, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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