Fiona Dourif will return for the second season of CHAKI

Director, producer and screenwriter Don Mancini is on the line (I mean, hanging out on social networks) and reports that actress Fiona Dourif will return in the second season of his series Chucky.

Fiona is, of course, no stranger to fans of the Killer Doll story. She not only starred in the first season of the series, but also played in the feature films Curse of Chucky (2013) and Cult of Chucky (2017). And most importantly, she is the daughter of Brad Dourif, the man who gave Chucky the voice in all the films in the series, with the exception of the remake.

Brad himself is also working on the second season of the series, as is Jennifer Tilly. In the case, and Devon Sawa, who in the first season had two roles at once, and in the sequel he will play a new one. According to rumors, the character of Fiona Dourif is also waiting for something new, unexpected for the audience.

Season 2 of “Chucky” premieres on US SyFy this fall and is filming right now.

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