First Class Trouble will be available to download for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in November

First Class Trouble, the “online social deduction game” first available on PC, is coming to PlayStation. It combines the Among Us-style meta-games with customization options and a more realistic art style.

In each round of the game, you play either as a resident or as a “personoid” who pretends to be a real person, trying to undermine people. Your goal is to make sure no one suspects anything out of the ordinary … or to try to spot those who are hiding in plain sight.

Oxygen sabotage and proven meta-game challenges are all in First Class Trouble, though you’ll have a lot more options than the base hats and colors in Among Us. Maybe asking players a question that only a robot can be wrong is a viable strategy? Unless … are you a robot trying to trick us?

First Class Trouble is out November 2 for PS4 and PS5. It’s also a free-to-play PlayStation Plus game for November.

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