Fling-a-Thon Summer Tournament Kicks Off in Co-op Fling to the Finish

From July 25 to August 8, players will be able to take part in races where everything is turned upside down.

In Fling to the Finish, a two-player team races through a chaotic track while tied to each other with a bungee cord. This cable, like the one at its other end, can be your best friend or become a sworn enemy.

The Fling-a-thon tournament will allow all players to showcase their skills. Teams Modern and Ancient will compete in three stages of the competition for immortal glory, exclusive skins, funny stickers and banners. And during the days of the tournament, additional boosters and obstacles will appear in the open spaces of the game in order to make already unpredictable matches even more unpredictable.

The competition will begin on July 25 and will last until August 8. On the same days, new cosmetic items and a permanent Ring-a-thon mode will appear in the game, adding special turbo gates to the tracks, allowing you to overcome difficult obstacles at incredible speed.

Fling to the Finish is available on PC on Steam

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