For Bright Memory: Infinite, a free DLC with costumes has been released


Company playism announced that developed FYQD Studio first person action game Bright Memory: Infinite, received a free DLC with costumes, which is available now.

In honor of the Lunar New Year, players can purchase two additional costumes depicting Shelia in a dress. These costumes are only available for a limited time.

Bright Memory takes place in the year 2020 in an alternate universe where a substance known as the “Soul of Jiu Xuan” has the ability to revive the dead. In an attempt to get hold of this substance, SAI, a large terrorist organization that controls its own army, uses the latest technology known as the “Quantum Transporter” to infiltrate the SRO research facility and steal top-secret and incredibly dangerous data. Players will take on the role of an experienced fighter named Shelia, who will destroy any threats in her path.

Bright Memory: Infinite Available now on Xbox Series X and PC via Steam.

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