Fortnite no longer builds in the new season of Battle Royale – added supershield, acceleration, climbing


Fortnite received a major update that greatly changed the main mode of the Battle Royale – in the standard modes (for 1, 2 or 4 players), the ability to build is disabled for an unknown time.

To help players who have lost the ability to collect wood, stone and iron, the following mechanics have been added to the game:

supershield – included in the game for additional protection of the player who will take the initial damage. If his durability drops even to 0, he will recover after a while.

Acceleration – in running mode, you need to hold down “Sprint” to accelerate. You will pocket weapons while in boost mode. The acceleration indicator will monitor the reserve of forces for such a jerk.

climbing – now you can’t quickly get to the roof with two or three ladders, but you can cling to the ledges at the moment when you jumped – you need to press the jump button again in the place where the character can cling to any platform.

shoulder strike – during acceleration, you can slam into the door, which at high speed will be effectively knocked out of place.

However, an important note: construction still remains in Arena, Team Rumble, and Creative Islands.

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